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The Top Best Ways to Re-Sell Fine Art

The Top Best Ways to Re-Sell Fine Art

In 2016, dealers in contemporary art received about 69% of their inventory from the artists themselves, according to a survey of roughly 1,100 dealers conducted for The Art Market | 2017, a report commissioned by Art Basel and UBS. The second-largest channel was from private resellers, who accounted for 15% of supply. For other sectors of the market featuring long-dead artists, that share is of course much higher, ranging from 31% for Modern art to 46% for Old Masters and Impressionist works.

When it comes time to resale fine art, there are good and bad ways to go about it, and a seller should keep a few things in mind in preparing to part with an object.

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The best way to re-sell art purchased from a gallery depends on two things – the art and the gallery you purchased it from. One of the nasty little secrets of the art world is that most art galleries are delighted to sell art to you, but are completely unwilling to help you re-sell it, unless you are prepared to buy another artwork from them. Art resale can be a very difficult proposition.

There are exceptions, but they are rare, and will largely depend on the gallery being one of the good guys, or the art itself being by an artist whose work is very much in demand, hard to find and easy to resale. Or really famous. In those cases, the gallery will take your work back in on a consignment basis (generally they will not purchase it – and if they do, it will be for a pittance) and attempt to find a buyer for it. Galleries will charge you anywhere from 50% (that is what I charge) to an occasional 20% in smaller, less urban locations.

Do NOT bother with listing on sites like EBay or Craigslist – unless you are selling $100 items. These are NOT places to sell art.

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The Final and Best way of reselling is to list your work on one of several websites devoted to the sale of art. I’m going to recommend the best site to resell fine art, and that is to open your shop on Fine Art Court.. If you want to resale art, you will find several sites and galleries. but I don’t know how successful these are or how much are their fees

Fine Art Court is the only place, that I’ve used myself and recieved statisfying result. They give you proper control over your productivity, you can open your art shop in few minutes and resell your art direct to collectors. It gives you full control over your shipping, orders, and customers. you can export your customers email list (galleries doesn’t gives you that option) and use it through facebook ads to run retarget ads. Fine Art Courts is not gallery, it’s a market place build specificly for classic art resellers.

Best part about selling with fine art court is that it doesn’t charge you any per sale commission at all. You’ll get full profit from your earnings. Fine art court only charges you minor fee for postings, and it seems logical to me that the way to get good results is to remember that you would only get 50% from a gallery, and therefore to price the artwork accordingly low – and hopefully entice somehow looking for a bargain, where as FAC gives you 100% of your earnings. Fine art court also provides free appraisal for older artworks, which very helpful as most of the people don’t know real worth of their artwork. You can open your Fine Art Court Shop here.

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After opening the shop on fine art court and when you get collectors interested in your art, be certain that you get a contract in writing. You will have roughly the same relationship with the collectors as the artists do, and the responsibilities of that relationship need to be spelled out. Things like the term of the relationship, what you expect of them, shipping costs, insurance, etc.

My final words on this subject are a caution: talk with your art dealer when you purchase your art about the matter of resale. Find out at the beginning what their policy is, just in case you have a less happy end than you anticipate. This has proven to be a very real problem with too many people in the recent recession, and perhaps at least some of the pain could have been, if not prevented, then at least minimized.